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EK Archery Cobra System RX Adder Crossbow

Tactical Repeating Crossbow – Maybe this is the biggest innovation in the crossbow market ever – this weapon changes everything.

The 7.5 inch arrows (or bolts) have screwed-on field points and reach a proud 30 joules at 130 pounds tensile weight. The arrow speed is approximately 78 m/s (256 fps), which makes the Adder accurate even at distances up to 50 meters (55 yards). In our tests, the standard field tips penetrated through several layers of clothing and a thick layer of ballistic gel, then perforated a coconut poured into the gel block. By using the special High-Penetration Bodkin tips, which have razor-sharp edges, this penetration power can be further increased.

The removable tactical rear stock is adjustable. The weapon can also be used without the rear stock, which makes it even more compact if required. The all-metal red dot visor supplied with the weapon can be adjusted vertically and horizontally.

  • draw weight 130 lbs
  • max velocity  270 fps (81m/s)
  • energy over 30 joules
  • 5 arrow magazine
  • AR-15 adjustable rear stock
  • composite synthetic frame
  • comes with aluminum red dot sight
  • max firing speed 5 arrows in 10 seconds
  • 2 x picatinny rail
  • included 5 kpl 7.5″ carbon arrows
  • shoulder sling
  • weight 2.4 kilograms
  • made by Ek Archery

399,90  sis. alv 24%


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