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ASG Schofield 6″ Silver 4.5mm

This 1:1 replica of the legendary revolver is the same ASG classic but now with a statement-making silver skin, and a new, half-length rifled barrel for improved power and accuracy.


The full-metal body Schofield appeals to those wanting single-shot accuracy and power on the shooting range, or discerning gun collectors alike. With its unmistakable appearance, it conveys authority like only a hand-cannon of the Wild West can.


This symbol of justice revolver also features an ivory-textured grip that serves as the perfect counterpoint to its classic silver body, while the half-length rifled barrel gives better power and accuracy, so every shot counts.

The Schofield Revolver airgun is powered by CO2 and is a premium-quality, like-for-like replica of the celebrated real steel gun from the golden era of the American frontier.

It takes dummy cartridges, for added authenticity, each holding a single pellet which are loaded into it top-break style. The Schofield revolver functions just like the real thing – including the ejector that quickly releases the spent cases for faster reload when there’s multiple targets.

All this combines to create a satisfyingly authentic firing experience on the range, during historical reenactments or as a showpiece replica that will immediately elevate anyone’s gun collection.

  • caliber 4.5mm pellet
  • muzzle velocity 135 m/s
  • 4 joules
  • barrel length 6″
  • 6 rounds mag
  • comes with 6 pcs of brass cartridges
  • operated with 12g Co2 capsules
  • full metal construction
  • weight 1085 grams
  • made by ASG

259,90  sis. alv 24%


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