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Umarex Smith & Wesson 629 Competitor 6″ ilmapistooli

The legendary. 44 Magnum revolvers of the 629 series are known for their impressive design and first-rate quality. With its barrel jacket and attachable barrel weights the massive Smith & Wesson 629 Competitor breaks new ground in terms of appearance.

The weights, which are used in the original to shift the center of gravity, give the Competitor its striking character. This CO₂-operated airgun has a similar look. It also features an authentic mounting rail for red dot sights and a fully adjustable rear sight. The Non-slip rubber grip make this 1,550 g full-metal version easy to handle.

The cylinder accepts metal loading shells, as in the original, and the manual safety is integrated unobtrusively in the cylinder release. The piercing tool for the 12-g CO₂ capsule is integrated in the grip scale.

  • airgun
  • caliber 4.5mm BB steel shot
  • muzzle velocity 127 m/s
  • 6 rounds
  • adjustable rear sight
  • operates with 12 gram Co2 cartridge
  • barrel lenght 6″
  • full metal construction
  • Hop Up
  • weight 1550  grams
  • made by Umarex

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